Meet OCTAV, a wearable musical instrument made of plastic drain pipe

2021-11-12 11:08:19 By : Mr. Ven Huang

Asaf Wainberg, an industrial designer from Jerusalem, turned the black plastic drain pipe into a musical instrument that can be worn on the body. This wearable portable musical instrument called "OCTAV" plays otherworldly sounds and shows a little crazy beauty.

When creating OCTAV, asaf wainberg drew inspiration from tubulum, which is a popular musical instrument in the YouTube and DIY world. Similar to tubulum, OCTAV is made from off-the-shelf pipes, providing you with the experience of making a complete instrument yourself. Fixed on the strap, the black plastic drainage tube converges in the center into six playable pads made of foamed polyethylene. Users can tap the pad with their hands or with a stick to create various rhythms and sounds. 

Consultant: Yaron Loubaton (Bezalel College of Art and Design, Department of Industrial Design, Jerusalem)

Photography: Nadalf Goren, Yehuda Weinberg

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Editor: lynne myers | design boom

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