According to cleaning experts, how to clean the shower drain

2021-11-12 11:06:46 By : Ms. Christina Lau

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You may not even notice your daily shower drain. Until you stand in the ankle-deep water, because the shower water is moving at such a slow speed in the drain that you may be taking a bath. There are many reasons for clogged sewers, such as hair, dirt, soap scum, etc.

Handling spare drains is annoying, sometimes disgusting, and smelly, but most clogs can be repaired or even avoided without having to hire a professional. The following are methods for cleaning clogged and smelly shower drains, as well as some products that can be used to keep the shower room fresh and smooth.

If your shower room needs some TLC as a whole, we also provide a useful guide on cleaning the shower head and glass shower door.

Bailey Carson, Angi's home care expert, said that one of the easiest ways to clean the shower drain does not require any complicated materials or products, and only a small amount of common household items can be used to make a baking soda solution. Here is how to do it:

Kristiana Laugen, Handy's home furnishing expert, added that before starting this process, you should check what kind of plumbing you have. If you have PVC pipes made of plastic, you should avoid boiling water and use hot water in a sink. After adding the baking soda and vinegar, you can also cover the drain pipe with a drain plug or a thick towel to prevent the reaction from causing anything to overflow. 

Over time, shower drains often become clogged, but one way to reduce the headaches of dealing with them is to prevent them in the first place (or occur frequently). Carson said that shower drain covers are a wise and inexpensive way to prevent leaks and maintain drains and pipes. There are many types, so look for the best tub drain pipe for you and filter out the main cause of fouling. For example, if you live in a house with long hair, a drain cover designed to pick up the hair is your best choice. 

TubShroom's revolutionary bathtub drain protector

If you don’t like the appearance of gathering hair at the drain pipe, even in the drain pipe protector, TubShroom can be installed in most standard-size bathtub drain pipes and collect the hair around the bottom of it, making it invisible, and at the same time Prevent it from clogging your pipeline. It is also easy to clean-just take it out of the drain, remove the hair, and put it back in place.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Shower and Bathtub Drain Protector

For shower drains that are not flush with the floor or bathtub, this silicone protector will catch debris and hair before entering the drain (it is also suitable for flat drains). It is weighted to hold it in place, so it won't slide around when you shower. 

Hair Catcher durable silicone hair plug

Equip each drain pipe in your home with a protector, or at least have a few on hand as a spare, so that you can use it if you need to replace one. The bag is equipped with five different colors of drain protectors, which are durable and non-slip. They have a raised design that can hold hair and holes in the middle to keep the water flowing.

LEKEYE shower drain hair extension device

You will hardly notice that you have a drain protector with this smallest stainless steel. It is rust-resistant, so it can keep up with your daily shower, and it has oval holes to help hold the hair. It also has silicone edges to hold it in place and prevent any unwanted random items from entering the sewer.

Danco bathtub/drain protector hair catcher and filter

Located at the top of the drain pipe, this economical option has a flower-shaped design with small nails to hold hair and debris in place. There is a basket in the middle that can grab anything that can't be caught outside the flower, and a built-in finger lifter, so you don't have to take it off the floor.

Hair is a common culprit for clogged shower drains. If you think this is the cause for you, Carson says a winding drain is the best way to clear the blockage. Simple snakes are relatively cheap and can be used in just a few minutes.

For more arduous work, you can try the manually operated snake, which has a rotating function that allows you to better capture and extract any garbage remaining in the pipeline. If your clogs are particularly stubborn, Carson suggests that this may be a bigger problem, and it's time to ask professionals to handle this work.

FlexiSnake Draining Weasel Sink Snake Cleaner

The FlexiSnake drain weasel has a slender 18-inch flexible snake with a micro hook at the end that can be passed through the pipe to help catch stuck hair or deposits. It has a rotating handle so you can twist the snake shape 360 ​​degrees, and is equipped with five magic wand refills, so you can remove all the dirt from the drain pipe, take out the snake shape and throw it in the trash can.

Green Gobbler Hair Grabber Drain Tool

If the sewers are clogged more often than you want, this economical package containing five drainage tools may come in handy. Each is made of sturdy plastic, is 22 inches long, and has spikes at the end to clear any drain plugs. 

Forlivese 25" Hair Snake Tool Drain Opener

Use this 25-inch shower snake to deal with those hard-to-reach clogs. It is durable but flexible, and has a barb design that helps it catch anything trapped in the drain. It has a ring on the top to make it easier to hold or hang other cleaning supplies. 

Whether you have stuck your hair or accidentally dropped something into the sewer, this tool is for you. It includes three plastic drain snakes to untie hair, a 39-inch stainless steel snake that can reach deep blockages, and two 24-inch snakes with claws at the ends that can help catch fallen hair or anything else Objects (even jewelry). flow away.

Drainx Pro steel drum spiral drill pipe snake

Heavy clogs require heavy help, such as the Drain X drum auger. A ¼-inch steel snake is attached to a steel bucket with a knob, which you can manually turn to clean the drain. It comes with a drawstring bag to store tools when not in use, and a pair of gloves to protect your hands and prevent them from becoming too dirty. 

If you enter the bathroom and notice an unpleasant smell from the shower drain, you can try the baking soda solution/method mentioned earlier to clean the drain.

However, a smelly drain may indicate that the water in your P-trap (the U-shaped tube you see under the sink) has evaporated, which can cause an unpleasant odor to accumulate, Carson said.

P-type traps help prevent the formation of deep pipeline blockages and maintain a barrier between the open channel and the sewage system. Due to their shape, P-type traps can hold small amounts of water. For example, if the P-trap dries out, if you do not use the shower for a long time, sewer gas may enter your home, causing an unpleasant smell from the drain.

Carson recommends trying to supplement P-trap with tap water to prevent bad smell. But if this does not solve the stench, she said, you may want to call a plumber to see if you have a more serious leak or damage.