50-110mm HDPE double wall corrugated pipe extruder/PP Dwc pipe machine/plastic sewage pipe machine

Production desciptionPE/HDPE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line adopts extruding and forming process, it has the featuresof reliable quality and high efficiency.Compared with other plastic pipe wall structure ,double wall corrugated pipe has excellent wall structure design,its low weight reach the lower production co

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Production desciption
PE/HDPE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line adopts extruding and forming process, it has the featuresof reliable quality and high efficiency.Compared with other plastic pipe wall structure ,double wall corrugated pipe has excellent wall structure design,its low weight reach the lower production cost and improve the market competitiveness.The pipe is widely used in various field instead of concrete pipe and iron pipes,because it has excellent features such as:easy connected and accessiories installed,and quality reliable.

SBWG series double - wall corrugated pipe production line can continuously produce HDPE double - wall corrugated pipe and this line can achieve on-line belling.
The machine has the function of automatic demoulding when power is off.
The extruder adopt high-efficiency screw, the die head adopts double-layer spiral structure, mould die and core die being nitrided
The forming machine adopts vacuum forming type, equipped with automatic lubrication system.Forming mould is made of aluminiumalloy, adopt water cooling type.
The pipe can be cut by on-line cutting machine automatically.

Our double wall corrugated pipe machine can use the  aluminum module which with water cooling can vacuum cooling for high speed.We have professional designers and sophisticated processing machine to ensure the accuracy of the mould block.
50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine

 HDPE double wall corrugated tube dwc pipe making machine series

Pipe diameter
Extruder model
Motor power
Production speed
Mold pairs
Vacuum pump

50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine

Advantage of our Plastic DWC double wall corrugated pipe machine

1. The main machine adopts special designed high efficiency screw which is specially used for polyolefin,it has the features of stable performance and high effiency.The machine has two independence extruders,which can realize both inside and outside layer with different material and colors.

2. Composite extrusion die head with specially helical structure to make the wall thickness unifom and stable production.

3. The forming machine has automatic power-off protection device.The forming machine an antomatically exit from the die head to avoid equipment failure in case of electrucity cut off suddenly.It also equipped with new type high transmitting ratio reducer, easy to operate and mainteance.

4. The corrugated forming system is in combination with water cooling and air cooling to sensure high production speed
continuously.Advanced programmable lubricating system minimizes the moulds wear so as to increase the life of service and ensure work smmothly with high precision to ensure the products quality stability.

5. Mould adopts specialy alumium alloy material and high precision die casting forming mould method,it has the advanages of high precision,high stremgth,good wearability and better heat dissipation performance.

6. Wave structure launched a comprehensive new optimization design to reach the best combination of high-rigidity and low weight.

Details for 50mm-110mm DWC Double wall corrugated pipe machines
50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine


1,Extruder for Double wall corrugated DWC pipe machine

Quantity: two sets,
Application: one is for outer wall,another is for inner wall.
Model: SJ65/30, SJ50/30
Extruder type: single screw extruder
Feeding: auto feeding with drying

In order to save manpower and efficient work, each extruder is equipped with an automatic feeder which  can be set to either automatic loading or manual feeding. Automatic feeding ensures continuous production and no downtime due to lack of raw materials.On the other hand, the dryer can be kept full of materials and the drying effect will be very excellent.Automatic material loading facility to extruder hopper necessary to be included.

The extruder consist of the screw pole, cylinder, reducer, extruder head's stand, the water and wind cooling system, the lubricating system, temperature-controlling system, speed-changing cabinet
 etc.All the parts be made by reputed manufacturer and the reputed supplier brand.

We adopt special screw for different raw material and different pipe diameter, so the raw material can be well plasticization and get goo quality pipes.The extruder will suit many standards and applications in the corrugated pipe manufacturing. A unique screw and barrel combination, perfected through theoretical studies.The screw pole will be made of alloy steel and processed nitrogenous. It will have excellent ability of hardness. At the same time, it will be wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting.

Proven design and reliability is the main features of the low noise gearbox. Splash lubrication will ensure minimum maintenance requirements.The gears in the reducer and the bearings will be lubricated by the standard way.At the same time, the lubricating system of the oil pump will be designed to circulate the machine oil compulsively.

Energy efficient generators come from the Siemens brand. Moreover, the motor and the reducer are directly connected through the coupling, which service life is longer.


50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine

2,Forming machine for DWC double wall corrugated pipe machine:

Type A: water cooling type, one machine can work for all sizes for 40-250mm. speed can be 3-5 m/min.
Type B, vacuum cooling type, speed 2-4m/min, one machine for 40-110mm, another machine for 110-250mm

Material : High quality mold  iron
Slide rail: Equipped with silde rail processed under special way, and process high strength and good abrasion resistance.
Cooling systerm: High efficency cooling systerm could be gurantee the quality of forming.
Lubrication systerm: Equipped with centralized lubrication device, automatic quantitative lubrication.

50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine

3,Mold for DWC double wall corrugated pipe machine

Based on the tube type requirements of the corrugated pipes, we have developed a vacuum forming system to ensure the production of various shaped pipes.Our single wall corrugated pipe machines can produce fixed length inlet pipes and drains for washing machines, and can produce shrinkable pipes with joints ,round and flat  prestressed  plastic corrugated pipes,etc.

We have professional mold design technicians,mold processing machines,machining center machines.We can design and process kinds of corrugated pipe module block,corrugated pipe joint module blocks,letter engraving module blocks and other types corrugated pipe block for any kinds of corrugated pipe according customer's requirements.All the module blocks are specialized grinding apparatus steel,which is of high hardness and strong wear resistance.

We have been committed to the research, continuous development and innovation of corrugated pipe production equipment.We can  design and make the production lines according to customer requirements.Such as the corrugated pipe outer layer with coating production line,the corrugated pipe with steel line pass through device.
50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine
4,Water cooling tank
Better cooling effect in order to improve the production speed


50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine
5,Automatic chipless cutting machine
50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine
6,Automatic winder device

We can provide the whole line for corrugated pipe making machine.Such as ,the automatic corrugated pipe winding machine which adopt polishing rod wire traverse for winding displacement.The automatic cutting machine is  a  special cuter for the car harness single wall corrugated pipes.The automatic tapping machine is special used for car harness and electrical wire protective conduit.The automatic shrinkable device for the single wall corrugated drain pipe.
We provide dies, heater,thermocouple, high temperature plug ,guiders,  and other related necessary tools of very high quality and long time usable for producing of different types of single wall corrugated pipes.Machine operation related tools (complete set) for opening and closing of extruder screw, head & other related parts will have to be supplied along with the machine

50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine
7,Electrical cabinet

You can choose the  PLC type controller
1,Main power will  be controlled by PLC
2,the equipment will adopt industrial computer or operation display (with touch screen facility) and programmable logic control (that is IPC+PLC mode) to realize the line's synchronized running and the independent operation including alarm system.
3,The production operation and the parameter set including zone temp setting and display will be carried out through the touch screen display.
4,The production state collection and progress control will be realized on PLC, such as the motor start-up and stop, the given signal, Current, the motor speed and so on.
5,The Display will communicate with PLC, which can realize the production operation, the warning display, the line's emergency and other functions.
6,PLC based Synchronising system for the  extruder and forming machine.
7,The display will be installed in the electrical cabinet, rationally and gracefully.
8,PLC (programmable logic control) will adopt high-quality Siemens series products
9,The machine will also adopt AC converters, air-switch, contactor and other main low-pressure products of Siemens products or other reputed suitable brand.
10,The machine will also adopt RKC, Japan temperature measuring unit or other suitable reputed brand.
11,The heat power control will have to be use by solid-state relays.
12,The power can be supplied from three-phase and five-wire syste

We have this machine in our stock now, please come and check our machine running.We will provide good quality, good service and good price for the complete turnkey project. Our machine testing running is free.

Double wall corrugated pipe application

HDPE double wall corrugated pipe
The double-wall corrugated pipe is formed by sintering and extruding the corrugated outer wall and a smooth inner wall simultaneously extruded by HDPE. The section of the pipe wall is a double-layer structure, the inner wall is smooth and flat, and the outer wall is equirectangularly arranged with a trapezoidal hollow structure. Pipe. It has excellent ring stiffness, good strength and toughness, light weight, strong impact resistance, not easy to break, etc., and it is easy to transport and install. The pipeline is mainly connected by rubber ring socket (also can be connected by heat shrinkable tape). Due to the special design of the wall structure of the double-wall corrugated pipe, under the condition of the same diameter and the same ring stiffness, the material (HDPE) is the least.

Product specifications are:
DN40, DN50mm, DN63mm, DN75mm, DN90mm, DN110mm, DN125mm, DN150mm, DN220mm, DN225mm, DN250mm, DN300mm, DN400mm, DN500mm, DN600mm, DN700mm, DN800mm, DN1000mm, DN1200mm, etc.

Advantages of double wall corrugated pipe

·Reasonable structure and beautiful appearance, temperature resistance -40ºC-60ºC, low resistance, large flow, strong flame retardancy ·Long service life, reliable sanitary performance, low overall cost ·Acid and alkali resistance, high strength, shock resistance Strong performance. Energy saving and consumption reduction. Convenient installation and transportation

50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine

Application of double wall corrugated pipe
Mainly used in large-scale water delivery, water supply, drainage, sewage, exhaust, subway ventilation, mine ventilation, farmland irrigation, etc., with working pressure below 0.6MPa.

1. Municipal engineering: used as drainage and sewage pipes.

2. Construction works: used as building rainwater pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes and ventilation pipes.

3. Railway and highway communication equipment: used as a protective tube for communication cables and optical cables.

4. Industry: widely used in sewage pipes in chemical, hospital, environmental protection and other industries.

5. Agricultural garden project: used for farmland, fruit tea garden, and forest belt pipe.

6. Road engineering: used as seepage and drainage pipes for railways and expressways.

7. Mine: Used as mine ventilation, air supply and drainage pipe.

8. Perforated double-wall corrugated pipe: It can be used as the seepage and drainage pipe of saline-alkali expressway.

9. Golf course and football field projects: used as seepage and drainage pipes for golf courses and football fields.

Other machines
Qingdao Tongsan /Hegu Main Products:
1. single wall corrugated pipe making machine (ID 4.5mm- OD160mm);

2. double wall corruagted pipe making machine  (ID 40mm- OD 300mm);

3. plastic pipe making machineID 12- OD 400mm) (PP,PE,PVC,PPR);

4.plastic sheet making machine (thickness=1-8mm) (ABS,HIPS,PP,PE,PMMA,GPPS);

5, Plastic hollow sheet making machine (1.5 -6 mm) (recycled plastic)

6. Plastic recycling granulating machine(PP,PE PVC)

7. WPC granulating machines
8,PVC WPC window profiles,door frames,decking making machine

9,PVC WPC door panel making machine

10 ,wpc foam board making machine

11,PVC ceiling machine

12, Auxiliary machine:Crusher,milling machine,embossing machine,sanding machine,brushing machine,CNC engraving machine,laminating machine,hot stamping machine,PVC window processing machine, doors making machine.

50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine

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50-110mm HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extruder /PP Dwc Pipe Machine /Plastic Sewage Pipe Machine

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2. What service do we provide?
Perfect service system:
1.We will provide the Feasibility Analysis Report for your project.
2.We will provide the model selection and technical parameter of  our  machinery.
3.We will provide the design for the plant and electric power accounting for the facilities.
4.We will provide the design for plastic formula according to the products requirement.
5.We will provide the technology of plastic product surface treatment if need.
6.We will provide technique training for your operator.
7.We will provide solution for the production problem .
8.We will install and  test the machine in customer's factory.
9.We will provide turnkey project to customers. 

3. Payment terms
30% of the total amount should be paid by wire transfer as a down payment, and the balance (70% of the total amount) should be paid (at sight) before the delivery of the wire transfer or irrevocable letter of credit

4. Delivery terms:
4.1 Delivery terms: FOB Qingdao Port.
4.2 Delivery deadline: within 30-60 working days after receiving the advance payment, the seller shall notify the buyer to inspect. The seller should complete the packaging of the goods within 15 working days after receiving the full payment and be ready for shipment.
4.3 Supervised loading: The seller should inform the buyer of the exact loading time, and the buyer should arrange the scope of supervised loading.

5. Warranty terms:
5.1 Warranty period: 12 months from the first day of operation of the machine in the customer's warehouse
5.2 The seller shall guarantee that the service and spare parts are free of charge during the entire equipment warranty period.
5.3 LIFELONG service: After the 12-month warranty, the seller shall provide LIFELONG service for the sold goods, and the buyer shall pay for the required spare parts.

6. Inspection :
After the machine is completed, the seller should notify the buyer to inspect before delivery, and the seller guarantees that all the goods sold are of good quality. The seller does not bear the material cost of the machine inspection in the seller's factory. The buyer should come to the seller's factory for inspection, or the buyer can invite any third party to enter the seller's factory for inspection.

7. Installation and equipment debugging:
If the buyer needs it, the seller should send a team of technicians to the buyer's factory for full-line operation of installation and testing, and the buyer should lift the price of the entire food/location and group purchase information (aircraft, food, hotel, etc.), and charge the engineer 100 USD/day/engineer's cost.

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